Mobile Apps

Students and Teachers benefit from Mobile Apps

  • Instant access to important school information, news, safety alerts, school events, sports events and any information administrators choose to provide.
  • Administrators can upload course information such as class syllabi, homework, class schedules and class notes, giving students instant access to the information they need while at home or on the go.
  • A built-in class schedule tracker and homework To-do manager to help students stay on top of their homework, get to class on time and foster responsible student habits to help increase student achievement.

The app takes advantage of GPS technology to give directions from the user’s location to any school and also features school lunch menus, achievement reports, Google calendars, and direct access to the district’s Parent Portal, as well as social media channels, sports, and activities information.

What’s more, it has “tap” screens that enable users to eMail and/or call district staff, administrators, and board members.



As the lines between online and offline marketing continue to blur we have received more and more questions about the use of QR Codes in printed and offline advertising.

QR codes are particularly effective in engaging potential customers (i.e. parents and pupils) at the early stages of the customer journey. At the initial ‘get in touch’ stages where a parent or pupil is selecting a school, you need to have a strategy in place to get visitors back to your site to re-engage with them, especially if the initial contact was an offline situation.

Using QR codes to drive traffic to your website is undoubtedly one of the most effective uses of this new technology, as is providing a QR code linking to further information on a topic from a printed prospectus such as a video, virtual tour or image gallery.