We offer a complete graphic design and studio service producing a range of products. Our team use all the latest software and produce artwork to the highest standard.

Our expertise helps ensure your project has synergy with all your marketing activity and bring it to life. By looking at the bigger picture we will ensure your project will work harder and with more effect.

The combination of skilled graphic designers and experienced marketeers working in tandem with you at every stage and will advise and recommend various courses of action throughout the entire process. Because we are an independent design and marketing studio we have no ties and are therefore not constrained by any consideration (such as limitations in in-house printing equipment). With B&S Multimedia you get totally dedicated design, marketing and project management skills for your school prospectus, Annual Magazines, Diaries, calendars, Certificates, We like to compare our service to that of an architect, from concept through to the finished, we oversee the whole process to fruition.

“In short you are buying peace of mind knowing that your project is being 
designed and managed by a team who have a vast range of experience and will work 
alongside you to achieve the best possible prospectus you can buy within your budget.”